First-class quality is one of our company’s key underlying values. However, we don?t simply regard quality as a requirement for our products, rather it shapes all aspects of our company performance.

For us, quality is about continually exceeding clearly defined benchmarks in all corporate areas. This is something we are committed to, and which we achieve with a comprehensive network of measures.


In addition to the defined standards in certifications, we attach great importance to the ongoing training of our staff, for example. Our entire team works on a daily basis to remain one step ahead, to implement the very latest technologies and raise its awareness for quality. A perfect example of this is the introduction of production processes in clean rooms. Here specific parts are assembled in an aseptic atmosphere, packaged, and forwarded to the outside for sterilisation via an airlock.


And, last but not least, our unwavering customer focus plays a deciding role throughout the entire quality process. We engage in an active dialogue, embrace criticism and ideas from the market and recognise the potential that this offers for a successful future together. This, after all, is at the heart of our value system.

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