Suction and irrigation instruments are used in laparoscopic procedure in order to rinse the surgical site and suction away blood, fluids tissue fragments.


5 mm Sliding Valve

Our range includes different systems with the such as: simple-to-use sliding valve for a variety of different individual applications, thus promoting convenient and targeted working for surgeons.

Trompet valve 5 mm / 10 mm and pistol handle

These are suction and irrigation instruments designed to suction away larger tissue particles. As well as the new, lighter system with additional tube connection at the side and colour coding. The dual function suction and irrigation pistol handle is ideal for convenient and efficient working. The advantages of this system include its ergonomic shape, simple handling and straight through flow. HF electrosurgery is also possible with this system by simply exchanging the suction and irrigation tubes by monopolar electrodes using an adapter.

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