(1) Trocar sleeves / Trocar mandrels

Automatic trocar sleeves

In addition to the classic automatic trocar sleeves, TROKAMED offers two other product lines.

The modern trocar sleeves with threaded closure are characterized by a significant reduction in weight, more manageable housing sizes and clear color coding for even faster assembly.

Trocar mandrels and obturators

TROKAMED trocar mandrels can be used with all TROKAMED automatic trocar sleeves.

In addition to the classic trocar mandrels in conical, triangular and blunt versions, the conical and triangular versions are also available with a permeable instrument tip.

The hole for the gas passage is placed very far forward so that penetration into the abdominal cavity can be detected at an early stage.

Safety trocars

TROKAMED safety trocars offer a higher level of protection after the trocar enters the abdominal cavity due to their integrated mechanism.

TROKAMED safety trocars are available in the tip shapes, triangular ground, half moon ground and knife shape and are easy to clean.

System reducer

Reducing systems from TROKAMED enable a change to instruments with a smaller diameter without the need to change the automatic trocar sleeve and without any loss of gas. The use of the appropriate reducer system depends on the automatic trocar sleeve being operated with. For automatic trocar sleeves with manual flap opening, plastic reducers with silicone flap are particularly suitable.

TROKAMED offers you various reducers, slide reducers, reducers with silicone tab or plastic reducers.


The Trocarstop offers a solution to fix the Trocar Cannula in the abdominal wall without any problems. Due to its threaded shape, the Trocarstop ensures a secure hold during use.

The Trocarstop is available in 5.5 mm and 11 mm diameter.

Hasson Trocar Sleeves / Obturators

Occasionally, the so-called “half-open technique” is preferred for inserting the first trocar. For this purpose, the Hasson trocar sleeve with thread holders and blunt obturator is used, which we also offer in our product range in various diameters and with different cones. The Hasson cone is available with fixable thread holder or as threaded version.

Bariatric trocar sleeves / trocar mandrels

The extra-long bariatric automatic trocar sleeves are available in high-quality stainless steel or as a high-performance plastic version. With an effective length of 150 mm, bariatric trocar sleeves and trocar mandrels from TROKAMED allow optimal access to the surgical site of obese patients. In addition to the various designs of trocar mandrels, we also manufacture the safety trocar in the triangular tip design.

(2) Insufflation cannulas according to Veress

The Veress cannula is the commonly used gas insufflation cannula for minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Veress cannulas are used to create the pneumoperitoneum, whereby the abdominal wall is lifted by an inflowing gas (CO2), thus allowing the penetration of trocars. In case of need, the creation of the pneumoperitoneum is necessary in a short time. High-flow cannulas in chrome or stainless steel design allow this due to the larger passage.

We offer insufflation cannulas according to Veress, equipped with the safety mechanism and a stopcock with Luer lock connection in various designs and useful lengths.

(3) Special instruments

Fascia suture aid

The suture guide is used for easy wound closure after laparoscopic surgery with a trocar sleeve and greatly facilitates fascia suturing.

The design of the suture guide allows easy threading and repositioning of the suture material using a thread catcher and cannula

Puncture and injection cannulas

Puncture and injection cannulas from TROKAMED enable precise puncturing of the surgical site for the introduction of contrast media, as well as puncturing cysts and taking biopsies.

Puncture and injection cannulas are available in different diameters and useful lengths.

Liver elevators

The dual function of the liver elevator allows atraumatic spreading and lifting of the fan independently of each other. In addition to the standard length of 380 mm, a longer useful length of 450 mm is also available for obese patients.
In addition to the 10 mm version, we manufacture a 5 mm elevator, which can also be completely dismantled and is easy to clean.

(4) Electrosurgery

Monopolar electrodes closed

The program of monopolar electrodes is characterized by the high quality insulation. All handle variants are available as button, round hook, 90° hook, spatula or needle electrodes.

In addition to the standard program with a diameter of 5 mm, we also manufacture electrodes for pediatrics with a diameter of 2.8 mm.

(5) Laparoscopic hand instruments

Hand instruments from TROKAMED are used for cutting and gripping tissue during laparoscopic procedures. The modular system offers a wide range of different jaws. Assemble your system individually and choose between different grasping forceps inserts, graspers and scissors.

Our laparoscopic hand instruments are available in useful lengths of 330 mm, 260 mm and 450 mm. For optimal handling, the corresponding instrument handles are available with or without ratchet.

(6) Thoracoscopy

For surgical intervention in the thoracic region, which can be very difficult due to the solid rib structure, we offer flexible trocar sleeves. Flexible trocar sleeves have the advantage that the curved instruments allow passage without resistance.

The trocar systems are available with a useful length of 50 mm in standard diameters of 6 mm, 11 mm and 13 mm. In the case of the flexible trocars, we manufacture in particular the 6 mm and 11 mm diameters in the useful lengths of 70 mm or 100 mm.

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