Our maxim is: innovation & precision for a better and longer life

Specialists in the world center of medical technology

As a specialist in medical and precision engineering, we have been setting a very high standard with our products and solutions for over 35 years.

The tailor-made development, project planning, documentation and production of highly technical, innovative systems and instruments is divided into the two core competence fields of medical technology, especially for minimally invasive surgery, and precision engineering.

Reliability is our most important goal. We at TROKAMED rely on our committed, competent team, which not only thinks for you, but also thinks laterally again and again in order to reliably achieve common goals. Here, our qualified employees give their best every day to exceed the individual requirements of our customers and thus guarantee the benefits of our products.

About us

Mission and guiding principle

  • At the service of doctors and patients
  • Partner in the field of precision engineering
  • Family business for employees


  • Highest quality anchored as a pillar of values
  • Holistic approach at all levels
  • Implementation of the latest technologies


  • Economical use of energy
  • Air, water, soil
  • Environment & Resource Protection


  • Family-run, medium-sized Enterprise
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Trust as the basis for good cooperation


  • CNC Production Machines
  • Inscription & Engraving
  • Assembly, cleaning & passivation

Development and Design

  • Design, Construction
  • Musterbau, Prototyping
  • Documentation

Our areas of competence



TROKAMED is known as OEM partner for high-quality instruments for laparoscopy, urology, Gynaecology, Hysteroscopy and arthroscopy. The name TROKAMED Medizintechnik GmbH stands for the highest quality in manufacturing and service for more than over 35 years. With these instruments, TROKAMED offers many advantages as a strong OEM partner, as well as a provider in the field of “Made by TROKAMED”.



Extensive technical expertise and innovative strength are key elements for our success. Whether it is the development of a completely new system or just the addition of an important detail: there is always a lot of pioneering spirit, open-mindedness and passion in a “TROKAMED solution”.
Our instrument design is focused on patient safety, ergonomics and ease of use, combined with optimal functionality of the products. We work closely with surgeons and healthcare professionals to optimise our applications.



For TROKAMED, quality is the foundation for success. Our behaviour and actions are based on the following principles:
To satisfy the TROKAMED-defined market requirements, the primary obligation is to understand the market in order to provide the products and services that fully satisfy our customers. Quality is integrated in products and processes right from the start. The foundation for quality is transparency and measurability. Conveying the idea of quality to all employees is a management task.



Service is for us the expression of sustainable customer orientation. We believe in continuously developing as a company if we maintain a close dialogue with our customers and partners in the long term, take up suggestions and implement them in services and solutions tailored to the target group.
The products we manufacture are distributed internationally in cooperation with our partners under their own brands or through specialist dealers, with the label “Made by TROKAMED”.

Our business fields

Medical Technology

In medical technology, we position ourselves as a technology leader with endoscopic product solutions for laparoscopy, gynecology and urology.
Both with our own products and customer-specific developments, we are on the road to success worldwide.

Precision engineering

We also make targeted use of our special manufacturing capabilities in tube processing for our field of precision engineering. Here, the experience and know-how directly benefit our customers, for whom we manufacture, for example, customer-specific thermal probes or measuring probes in fascinating quality.


years of experience


skilled employees


upmarket products

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