Medical Technology

In medical technology, we have been successfully developing our own products with a high degree of innovation as well as customer-specific product solutions for decades. Our products are mainly used in laparoscopy, gynecology and urology, where we have positioned ourselves as a technology leader. We serve both the market segments for disposable products and for reusable products.

Our goal is to generate substantial benefits for both physicians and patients with each product. For a better and longer life. International approvals such as FDA USA, FDA Korea and others open up the global marketing of our products.

Clearly defined process solution modules and a lot of experience give our customers a high level of investment security in the development of customer-specific solutions. In doing so, we maintain an open dialogue and are not afraid to discuss delivered specifications and market analyses controversially. In the spirit of mutual success and a long-term partnership.

Areas of application

  • Trocar sleeves/trocars
  • Veress insufflation cannulae
  • Suction / irrigation instruments; Electrosurgery
  • Resectoscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Paediatric cystoscopy
  • Cohen probes; Uterus manipulators
  • Surgical and continuous rinsing sheaths
  • Myoma drills; ring applicators
  • Sheaths
  • Inflow- and rinsing cannulae
  • Suction-Irrigation-Instruments
  • Sliding valve; Trumpet valve
  • Especially for laparoscopic use
  • Electrode range with many variants

Customer specific products

We are your partner for specific solutions in medical technology. The realization of customer-specific solutions is one of the core competencies of TROKAMED. Experienced product developers/designers work together with our customers to develop the best and most economical solution.

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