TROKAMED is a family-run, medium-sized company. At our company we are committed to the pursuit of ever greater reliability and precision.

Together with our customers, we develop needs-based solutions for the medical technology and precision engineering of the future. TROKAMED not only provides customised products but also the necessary project planning and documentation.

Flexible thinking is, in essence, vital to success. Our company?s key success factor is our dedicated and motivated workforce. Some 90 employees contribute all their know-how to the TROKAMED success story.

A good partnership is based on trust. We aim to give each individual as much personal responsibility and scope for development as possible. In return, we expect friendly and fair dealings with colleagues, customers and suppliers alike. Our executives act as role models. They are encouraged to create and promote an open working environment. This is how we define responsibility.

Our corporate success is based on a sense of partnership. This has been a core element of the TROKAMED philosophy for over 28 years.

The basis of our business success is a cooperative partnership.
This has been an integral part of TROKAMED for over 35 years.

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