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Precision engineering

TROKAMED is committed to supporting you in the development and production of your products and also increasing your efficiency in the long term. We produce highly precise turned parts from a wide range of materials such as copper, brass, inox, titanium as well as different plastics including PPSU and PPEK on CNC long and short lathes. We boast a range of special manufacturing processes such as laser welding, bonding, soldering, laser marking and manual assembly with and without a cleanroom.

The high quality of our services and our impressive technical expertise have made us the preferred partner for technical solutions in the broad spectrum of precision engineering for 30 years.

Through our specialisation in minimally invasive surgery in the medical technology sector, the processing of thin-walled tubes has become one of our main technological focal points. With our pico laser we are able to cut even the smallest of geometries without burrs with a cutting width of 20 µ in thin-walled tubes. The smallest drill holes (>20 µ) and grid-like structures as seen with stents are not a problem for us. Compared to machining, the use of a laser is considerably quicker and avoids the often time-consuming deburring process.

Please get in touch should you see any similarities in your product portfolio. We would be delighted to provide you with a quote.

Precision engineering
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