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Medical technology

For decades now, we have been very successfully developing highly innovative medical instruments and customised solutions. Our instruments are principally designed for use in laparoscopy, gynecology and urology; the fields in which we have established ourselves as technology leaders. We manufacture both disposable and reusable instruments for these market segments. Our aim is to generate substantial benefits for surgeons and patients with every instrument we make. For a better and longer life. International approvals, including FDA USA and FDA Korea, allow us to reach a global market.

Clearly defined modular processes combined with our vast experience enable us to develop customised solutions which represent an extremely secure investment for our customers. A vital part of this process is maintaining an open dialogue and engaging in serious discussion concerning specifications and market analyses. Our ultimate objective is success for our customers and ourselves, as the foundation of a long-term partnership.

If you would like more information on our customised solutions, either call or write to us.

Precision engineering

In the precision technology field we have specialised in complex product solutions where, very often, our expertise in high-precision tube machining plays a central role. We frequently use premium steels, stainless steel and the high-performance plastic PEEK, and offer a wealth of production know-how in these materials.

The customised products which we manufacture include, for example, thermal sensors, measurement sensors and hinge elements, to name just a few. State-of-the-art machinery with attached, efficient module assembly forms the foundation of our high-tech and cost-efficient solutions. Why not call us or arrange an appointment to discuss your project in person.

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