The protection of the environment and resources are a key component of TROKAMED?s corporate philosophy. TROKAMED aims to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution and protect and save resources as far as possible.

Within the framework of the integrated and holistic TROKAMED quality management system, we define goals to protect both the environment and resources and also monitor these at regular intervals. In addition, regular site inspections focusing on environmental and resource protection are conducted.

This distinctive philosophy is fostered by the company?s owner and managing director, Karlheinz Tröndle, who has acted as a forerunner and pioneer from the word go.


Energy should always be used economically and is regarded as an equally important criterion in all machine and building projects. For example, TROKAMED has been using an environmentally friendly heating and ventilation system for many years now. The strategy pursued to date to ensure energy savings and environmental protection comprising a ventilation system with heat recovery and low-temperature heating was expanded in the next logical step to include a cogeneration unit and an absorption cooling system.

The cogeneration unit provides both electricity and heat. This waste heat can be used in two ways. Firstly, and most conventionally, it is used for heating, secondly it is used to cool offices via the absorption cooling system and to cool down machines via a cooling system. The real bonus of a cogeneration unit is that the electricity is produced without the need for additional gas, i.e., it is cost and CO2 neutral. This corresponds to CO2 savings of approx. 72,000 kg a year.

In a further phase of expansion, a photovoltaic system has recently been installed which, in summer, provides the heat to operate the absorption cooling system.

Moreover, we ensure minimal environmental pollution and avoid unnecessarily long logistics chains by giving preference to local suppliers.

Air, water, soil

Another example of our systematic sustainability strategy is the use of rainwater to flush the sanitary installations. Production means, energy sources and materials are chosen which have the minimal possible impact on the air and water during production and use.


When selecting materials and in terms of transportation and disposal, we ensure compliance with the most stringent environmental standards, recyclability and safe disposal processes.

Waste/recycling materials

Recycling materials are separated meaningfully and are subjected to controlled recycling.


Production materials are purchased which create very little noise when used. Offices and production rooms are designed to ensure a pleasant level of sound. Transportation means are selected which do not generate an unnecessarily high level of noise.

At TROKAMED the environment and sustainability have grown to become values of equal importance in conjunction with the best possible quality and cost effectiveness. We believe that, in the future, only those companies who internalise these values in the long term will enjoy success. Inspired by a belief in a future which is worth living for today?s and tomorrow?s generations.

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