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Care and repair

All instruments and devices require a certain amount of care to ensure that they continue to function properly, even in the long term. Our products are, of course, no exception. Below you will find important and useful tips on how to care for instruments as well as for the quick processing of repairs.

How to prevent premature wear:

  • Check the instruments carefully after preparation to ensure that they are clean. Dried-on dirt can not only result in infections but also impair the instrument´s functionality and attack the surface.
  • Always carry out a functional check in order to detect and remedy possible damage in good time.
  • Replace brittle and cracked seals immediately after preparation.
  • Always lubricate moving parts with medical oil after they have been prepared in order to prevent premature wear and ensure proper functioning.

How to reduce the time required to process your repair:

  • Clean and sterilise the instruments in accordance with the guidelines in the Instructions for use before sending them back. Soiled instruments will be sent back unprocessed.
  • A detailed description of the fault can help to considerably reduce the time required to process the repair.
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